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*** A morning storm, that's how it sounds at first. You hear a gush of rain, then realize it's a rifle burst. Hoofbeats in the dawn air, feet scrambling to the brush, gunsmoke, swords bared, the slow crackle of flames on huts... men falling, shot down as they run or stand, blood spurting, steel slicing off a head or hand, bones cracking--it's hard to understand what's come over this beautiful land. What kind of hell is going on in Sudan? *** "Freedom for Sudan" Copyright 2004 Curry Kenworthy. All rights reserved worldwide. Consultant: Michael Elkana. Free Sudan now! ***

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The song "Freedom for Sudan" was written to convey the harsh reality of Sudan's holocaust, including village raids, massacres, refugees, and slavery.

Featuring hip-hop lyrics against a somber background, the piece takes listeners through the horrors of war-torn Sudan and ends with questions about the future. Play it to raise awareness and call others to action!

Length: 6 minutes, 55 seconds.

Debut: Previewed at the Sudan Lost Boys 2004 National Conference in Arizona.

Lyrics and audio: Curry Kenworthy. Consultant: Michael Elkana. Copyright: © 2004 Curry Kenworthy.

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Looking for more ways to take action? Get involved with the Sudan Freedom Group.

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