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Scripture Solitaire

Version 1.0:
First release.

Learn and meditate upon Bible verses while enjoying a game of cards


A unique Bible card game comes to the Macintosh

Scripture Solitaire transforms the game of Solitaire into a word game that helps players become familiar with Bible verses. Instead of the normal card rank (King, Queen, etc.), each card has a short phrase. When the phrases are all put together in order, they form a verse.

But Scripture Solitaire does more than simply merging the Bible with a card game. In addition to entertaining and uplifting, it serves as a powerful aid to learning and memorizing scriptures. You'll also discover that Scripture Solitaire's unique game play is conducive to meditating deeply on the verse you are playing.

Try it free and experience this exciting game and powerful Bible aid with the trial verse, John 3:16.

Scripture Solitaire comes with hundreds of verses, and you can also add your own. The game play proceeds in the same fashion as regular solitaire.

Increase your knowledge and understanding of the Bible, reflect upon the words of the texts, memorize verses, and turn solitaire into an experience with scriptures. That's Scripture Solitaire.





Originally developed on Windows by Inspired Idea, Scripture Solitaire is now available for Macintosh users. Spend some time with Bible verses in a new and exciting way!


Download version 1.0

for Mac OS X

(2.8 MB)

Download version 1.1

for Windows

(other developer's site)

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.1 or later.


Individual License (one computer or one home)


Site License

(one school or organization site)


District licensing also available.


Note: Curry K. Software sells the Macintosh version of Scripture Solitaire.

For the Windows version, purchase from Inspired Idea.

Scripture Solitaire for Macintosh © 2006 Curry Kenworthy. Portions © 2000-2003 Runtime Revolution Limited, All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Original Scripture Solitaire © 2000 Inspired Idea.