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Pillbug Golf

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Ready to mix math, golf, and pillbugs?

Tee off with points, slopes, or angles!  Pillbug Golf features nice graphics, challenging problems, and great game play to give students fun, practical experience with these math skills. Pillbug Golf is the first release in the new Birds' Math Picnic series.

Each math skill has Beginner, Amateur, and Pro categories to fit a variety of student ability levels. Students are challenged, but have a chance to see the real effects of wrong answers and correct their mistakes. Pillbug golf includes a 360-degree protractor and a built-in calculator as accessories, but these are not available on every stroke, so that players are also encouraged to use mental math and estimation as well as mathematical tools.  

Built-in help explains math skills and game play with textual descriptions. The help screens for the three math skills also contain simple interactive displays that demonstrate the key concepts.

The unregistered Demo lets you play with Points at the Beginner level, but you are allowed to see the beginning problems and accessories on all the other skills and levels as well.

Download Pillbug Golf 2.0 (1 MB, Mac OS 7.5-9, 100Mhz or faster recommended)

Version 2.0 boasts more multimedia, a cool high score screen, saved games, a nine-hole course, and a player's guide formatted for printing.

Pillbug Golf is $11.99 (US) shareware for one individual or home, or $19.99 for one school or business location.  Click here to order by secure web page.


  (Points at the Beginner level.   This is the level featured in the Demo.)

  (Angles at the Amateur level, with the 360-degree protractor.  The protractor is only available on some strokes, so that students can also practice estimating angles.)

(Slopes at the Pro (most difficult) level, with the calculator.  On every putt, the Pro level of Slopes may show the graph gridlines, or it may label the points.  In this case, the points were labeled and the graph was not shown.  The calculator is only available on some strokes, so that students can also practice mental math and estimation.)