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Cloaked Affiliate Link Builder is the quick and easy way to hide affiliate code on today's web browsers, making your links attractive and effective with powerful cloaking technology. Make your affiliate links top secret! It works on any type of web page or blog and is a standalone solution to use anywhere; all the magic is done in the browser.

You don't need any special server-side setup to cloak links with this software; whether you are using shared hosting, managing your own web server, or just using a free blogging service such as Blogger, it works exactly the same way; the Link Builder provides everything you need to beautify your links while directing visitors to the proper destination URL.

Create new links with ease and update existing ones in a flash. Copy and paste link code from your affiliate program control panel and it is converted automatically! Upgrade your linked URLs to a clean, natural look and focus attention on your affiliate products instead of your tracking code.

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Make your affiliate links top secret!

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Top-secret. Deep cover. Classified. (And good-looking.)

Are your affiliate links cloaked so well that even their best friends don't recognize them? Do they exhibit a clean and attractive appearance, yet blend in perfectly with their surroundings?

If not, you need the Cloaked Affiliate Link Builder. It was made just for you. (Or to be more precise, for your links.) Affiliate tracking code is a wonderful thing to show to advertisers, but it doesn't look very glamorous to your visitors. In fact, tracking code usually has a fairly ugly appearance, and it also indicates your monetization plans. To rectify the situation, we need to present your best face to each party involved in the transaction.

Wouldn't it be great if you could show your visitors the neat and tidy display URL (such as while letting the advertisers have all the extra details? Remember the good old days when status bar cloaking was the norm, links were beautiful, and affiliate code was for your eyes only?

Well, those good old days are here again. The Link Builder brings back easy cloaking for modern web browsers. You can cloak your links again and feel good about it; no hassles, no special requirements, just a click of your mouse. Goodbye ugly code, hello beautiful links!



Cloak like you never cloaked before

The Link Builder is the result of extensive browser research and testing to take your links to a whole new level of stealth, flexibility, and convenience. The best secret agent looks and behaves just like an ordinary citizen, and this software works on the same principle. Your links look and act just like normal ones; no tracking code at the end of the URL, no server redirects at the beginning. Welcome to the next generation of cloaking!

On the other hand, undercover operatives can also be beautiful, so the Link Builder includes everything you need to get your links looking their most attractive and hard to resist, starting with a clean URL and extending to any aspect of content or behavior; it's all easy to customize for the perfect look.

Standard mode gives you the behavior of the 'status bar' days, while Top Secret mode (for registered users only) provides even more stealth for the ultimate in indetectable cloaking. You can even protect URLs from web bots if you wish. Advanced options let you control behavior and fix issues on specific web browsers. Cloak your affiliate links like never before.


Monetize effectively

Stop losing affiliate clicks due to tracking codes; maximize your monetization efforts with links that look just like normal ones. Use attractive, clean URLs that visitors can understand, trust, and appreciate. Give your web site affiliate content a neater, friendlier, and more appealing appearance to inspire confidence. Your readers will feel good about clicking on '' rather than '' when they hover over your links. The Link Builder can handle text, banners, or both; you decide what to cloak and it does the rest. (Tracking pixels are handled smoothly too.)


Import existing links

It's a snap to update your old links (whether normal or cloaked) using the 'Paste original link' import button. With one-click operation it's incredibly easy, yet power users can 'get under the hood' with powerful options to control every aspect of the import process, and import settings can be customized for different web sites. Your old links will take on a new life while your life stays easy.

Copy and paste code from your favorite affiliate programs, using the same one-click import process, and your code is translated instantly! Then click the 'Copy' button and paste the link into your web page or blog source. Right from the affiliate control panel to your web site, the Link Builder cloaks in the blink of an eye, and the old 'status bar' cloaking method is recognized and automatically transformed.


Features and more features

Clean up not only the status bar URL, but also the appearance and behavior of your whole link! The powerful but convenient interface lets you easily and safely modify, improve, and add to link content and features without disturbing the tracking information, so that you can transform links into exactly what you need and desire for your web page. (You'll want to use the Link Builder even for non-affiliate links!) Modify any text or description, substitute an image, make the link open in a new window, create a 'nofollow' or 'dofollow' link, get rid of that pesky image border on your blog: the interface makes all these tasks instant and error-free.

Image loading and caching puts you in control of when affiliate images are downloaded. Include CSS style code for your links. Want to work with relative URLs during testing? No sweat! Automatic URL formatting is available if you want it, or out of your way if you don't need it. The Link Builder even gives you feedback if it sees potential problems with your link.


Edit link properties

The Link Builder makes it simple and speedy to create new links or adjust existing ones with an interface that places everything you need at your fingertips. All the link properties are exposed for easy access and error-free editing. It even remembers recent values so that you can point and click to fill in a property with a text or URL from a previous entry.


Preview your links

As you edit, the interactive live preview area is updated continually and instantly for a quick overview of appearance and behavior. One click opens your link for actual preview testing in the web browser of your choice. Special buttons are included for launching each of today's popular web browsers as well as your default web application, and it's all customizable, so if your next-door neighbor's teen whiz kid makes a new browser, you can try that one too.



The Link Builder has an intuitive and clearly-marked interface for those who like to jump right in, and for those who like to read the manual it also includes extensive built-in documentation with plenty of screen shots to illustrate features and options. There's also an FAQ covering everything you wanted to know about cloaked link building and a little more.



This software has a generous free demo mode, but you'll experience an irresistible urge to register for a ton of great features and unlimited use. To satisfy this craving, click here. It only takes a couple of minutes to register at the ultra-secure web store and unlock the full version, and then you'll be making incredible links. Do it today:


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Version 1.0 for Windows

Make your affiliate links top secret!

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