The other facets of Curry Kenworthy (or, I start blogging and expand this site)

For many years my web page has focused exclusively on my software. However, as some may have speculated, my life has a few more angles in addition to that one. In the last several years I have become increasingly involved in nonprofit work, and also in the study of human society and well-being.

Besides that, I’ve always had something of the “Renaissance man” in me, delving into a range of interests too numerous to list all at once. My nonprofit work and other endeavors have manifested themselves elsewhere, but they hadn’t trickled back to this website. That was on the to-do list, but it didn’t come to fruition, until now.

I’ve finally taken the plunge. This blog will allow me to share my thoughts and experiences in other fields of endeavor as well as sharing more about my shareware. Additionally, I will be adding links to some new types of content at the site.

The end result will reflect more of what I do, and allow me to do more that reflects my priorities–to help individuals and societies solve problems, meet their needs, and improve their well-being; and to delve into and contribute to some of the fascinating and important areas that human experience has to offer. Those have been driving forces behind my efforts in software as well as in activism, and now I’m happy to be able to share more here at

Best wishes,

Curry K.

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