Launching a library

I’m happy to announce, a new site where I will be personally selecting and introducing books for free online reading–literature that I consider to be of very high quality, and well worth reading. These are books that have given important insights, told great stories, or otherwise offered much to the reader.

My personal introduction to each book will explain the valuable qualities and contributions I see in the work.

The first book I’ve selected is Charles Eastman’s autobiography, Indian Boyhood. Get inside the world of a young Dakota Sioux and discover a treasure of information about Native American life. The experiences and concepts that Eastman shares in this book are nothing short of fascinating. His vivid and thoughtful descriptions bring the Dakota tribe back to life for the reader, with their beliefs and motivations as well as their activities and adventures.

Read this, if you would like to experience an incredible encounter with the Sioux, and bookmark ReadThese, if you would like to find selected outstanding books.

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