Curry Kenworthy
Software & Consulting

Software Development, LiveCode Training and Best Practices,
Media and Content, Communications, and Web Services.

Delivering innovative technical solutions with radical coding techniques.
Empowering your projects with 15+ years of hard-hitting experience.

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You need a world-class xTalk developer with plenty of “firsts” under his belt. I need clients who have amazing ideas and passion. Let’s make great software!

Training and Co-Dev

Learn to code with Curry’s unique fluency system. There’s nothing else like it. We can also team up on your project with mentoring to build your app while you learn.

LiveCode Consulting

From optimizing your loops to choosing the best content for your app, navigate the landscape of LiveCode app development with a pro at your side every step of the way.

Broad Experience

Whether you need mobile or desktop, business or entertainment, education or games, popular or obscure subjects, older projects or the very latest, bring it on!

Curry Kenworthy

Bespoke Software at its best.   (954) 800-8883
Build better apps!

Let's awe your customers.

Your business needs amazing software and efficient methods.

Rock the world with LiveCode! As a leading xTalk developer, I've racked up plenty of "firsts" but your project always comes first. I also train and mentor students.

Whether you need a killer iPhone or Android app, customized Windows or Mac software, personalized training, or help in finding the right software and tech solutions for your office and workflow, I'm here to help.

My name is Curry Kenworthy. I specialize in developing software and providing technical solutions for complex problems.

Send an e-mail or call and we'll get your project done with the right features for the right price!

  • Business & Utility Apps

    In-house or app store, big or small, get the job done right! It's all in the code.

  • Games & Educational Software

    Ramp up the fun! Entertain, educate, or promote ideas and products to your audience.

  • Mobile & Desktop

    With a background of featured downloads during the golden age of shareware, I help clients publish for iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac.

  • The skills that matter

    No app is an island. From communications and media to interface UI and extreme efficiency, from popular subjects to the most obscure, I draw upon a spectrum of knowledge and experience to solve your problems.