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Version 1.4:
Volume control added.
New strategy guide included.

Connect colored pieces to remove them while fitting shapes together.

Advance through increasingly difficult levels to escape from the Ashalii Trap.


A unique and challenging new game

It's time for a new arcade puzzle game experience. Something to relieve the tedium of the world's humdrum existence and raise human consciousness to a new level. Or at least to provide a fun and challenging way to spend some time.

That's where the Ashalii Trap comes in.

Ashalii is a unique game. Connect pieces of the same colors to remove them while fitting groups of pieces in various shapes into the board. Each level requires more adjacent matching pieces than the last.

Cut off from the world in a trap drifting through outer space, you must pass through increasingly difficult levels to escape and return to your free life.



"the end result is like nothing you've ever played before . . .
fun in both short and long doses" -- The Slacker's Guide, Mac Observer



On a long scavenging mission, you head toward an inviting space hotel, and realize too late that it is only an illusion. Your ship is inexorably drawn in, and you lose consciousness.

You awaken to find yourself in an Ashalii trap. These are fashioned by a race of advanced technological achievement and intellectual discipline, but a strange and unsociable sense of humor. The Ashalii are the practical jokers of the galaxy, but seem unable to realize when they have taken a joke too far.

With no tools, weapons, or communication items, there is no possibility of escape and little chance of rescue. No one has ever died in such a trap - plenty of air, food, and medical supplies are available - but you must complete the Ashalii's puzzle before you can resume your normal life.



A casual game for serious enjoyment

Some games focus on putting shapes together. Others are based on matching up colored pieces. Ashalii combines both in a unique fashion, and the result is a more complete, rewarding, and challenging experience.

Engaging outer space backgrounds and beautiful fractal game pieces will keep your eyes occupied while you are occupied fitting together the right pieces. Falling blocker pieces and rising rows will attempt to thwart your progress, but you'll acquire powerful bonuses to help you overcome and pass on to exciting new levels.


Try it now

Sharpen your mind. Relax from the pressures of the day. Let go, or get serious. Enjoy the colors. Test yourself. Escape from the cares of the world, or escape from the Ashalii trap.

Available now for Windows and Mac OS X. Put it on your computer today!



Download version 1.3

for Windows

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Download version 1.4

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Requirements: Windows 95 or later, Mac OS X 10.1 or later.


Individual License (one computer or one home)


Site License

(one school or organization site)


District licensing also available.

Ashalii © 2005 Curry Kenworthy. Some content © 2004 Portions © 2000-2003 Runtime Revolution Limited, All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Some content from NASA.